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Gloria Hilbert Forelli


As a fine art painter in oil, pastel and watercolor, I strive to create a dimensional atmospheric mood and incorporate the infinite possibilities of light into a design element. My art ranges from paintings observed from life in the style of chiaroscuro classical realism, where carefully described and placed abstract paint shapes are choreographed to perform together to produce my visual concept, to photography depicting real, spontaneous or devised light forms.


Studying with contemporary master artists from The School of Visual Arts, The Art Students League of NY, The National Academy of Design and The High School of Art & Design, along with many private art workshops has provided me with the knowledge of old master techniques and methods to draw from, combine, experiment and add to. 


Creating images in photography beginning at a very early age, I utilize my study of light and design in drawing and painting to enhance my photographic captures, stretching the common uses of Photoshop to achieve my artistic visions.  Having the technical advice and instruction of my husband, master photographer Chip Forelli, enables me to produce exacting, archival prints of optimal quality.

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